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New Year, New Decor! How to style your home for 2024

New Year, New Decor! How to style your home for 2024

Living Room storage arch design


A new year means new trends in the design world, and the interior design space is no exception. Your home should be a place that makes you feel relaxed and renewed. If you feel that your space feels a little tired and worn, it may be time to try a new look! To help give your home a refresh, we have created a list of our design trends predictions for 2024 and how you can incorporate these styles into your home design. 


1. Arches

Image from Regina Andrew

 *Image Credit: Regina Andrew Designs

Arches are a timeless architectural element, but their popularity is on a rise! With their graceful lines and interplay of light and shadow add sophistication and interest to any design. While a  complete home remodel is out of the question for most people, there’s no reason you have to pass on this trend. The keyword to incorporating this element into your decor is “shape”. You can incorporate the elegance of arches in your home through lamps, art, and decor pieces. Look for pieces that feature beautiful curved lines and sculptured designs. Some examples of decor pieces that Parkway carries  include but not limited to are:


2. Dark Woods: 

Image from Four Hands
*Image Credit: Four Hands


From flooring to furniture, in the 2010s it was all about the light woods, but in the last few years we’ve been seeing a shift toward natural, darker woods. We think that this trend will continue, and even amplify, in 2024. Darker woods bring a sense of calm and warmth to a space, but if you aren’t ready to take the tonal plunge to darker woods this year, try dipping your toe in with a few accent pieces. Some we recommend are:


3. Warm Neutrals: 

*Image Credit: Parkway Avenue Design and Mercantile

On the subject of adding warmth to your home, we predict a growing tendency toward warm colors in the coming seasons. Cold neutrals like stark white and the infamous “millennial gray” have been giving way to new neutrals. Creamy white, stoney taupes, and autumnal browns are being used to create cozy retreats from the outside world. We find that a creamy white wall makes a great base to start warming up your palette. For more ideas on how to warm up your neutrals, here’s some more ideas!


4. Deep Moody Colors: 

*Image Credit: Parkway Avenue Design and Mercantile

On the subject of color palettes, we’ve noticed  a growing trend toward bold colors in the interior design world. From bold painted walls to upholstery,  we’ve seen an increase in the use of dark neutrals like charcoal, rich olive and forest greens, autumn oranges, and moody blues. We know it can be intimidating to experiment with color. So, if you aren’t ready to repaint, try adding a few accent pieces first. Here’s a few to get started!


5. More Veins in stone:

Image from Four Hands
*Image Credit: Four Hands


Natural building materials are a classic choice. The natural variations that occur in stone add a unique touch to every design. While designs in the past favored clean stone with few inclusions, we predict that a “more is more” philosophy is on the rise. That is, “more variation and veining”. Again, replacing your countertops is out of reach for most people, but there are small ways you can bring the natural beauty of stone into your kitchen. The best way we’ve found is to add some new accessories. Here’s some great ones to start:



Keeping your home looking fresh and chic doesn’t have to be hard. Just a few new pieces can completely change your space! For the pieces you need to update your style, browse our online catalog. If you are ready for a completely new look, reach out to our DESIGN TEAM. We can help you find and refine a design style that fits you and your home.

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