Mother's Day Gift Guide Part I

Mother's Day Gift Guide Part I

Mother's Day is an occasion filled with gratitude and love for the incredible women who have shaped our lives. Finding the perfect gift becomes a gesture to convey our appreciation for all they do. The quest for the ideal gift is done with intention and thoughtfulness. Parkway Studio has created a curated gift guide full of our unique products in store to celebrate the women in our lives. 


 Nine Gift Ideas from Parkway Avenue Shoppe: 


1. Barr Co. Lotion - Saddle Scent

Shop Barr Co. Lotion

A complex infusion of amber with sandalwood and musk, blended with patchouli and eucalyptus essential oils. This lotion gives a familiar and comforting scent that feels luxurious, making it a sweet indulgence to pamper the extraordinary mother in your life.


2. K. Hall Designs - Peach Blossom Hand Soap

Shop K. Hall Designs Peach Blossom Hand Soap

Spruce up the kitchen with the K. Hall Designs Peach blossom hand soap. Bright, juicy peach collides with fragrance peach blossoms and finishes with smooth vanilla notes. This gift is perfect for a sweet touch to the bathroom or kitchen.


3. Barr Co. - Honey Suckle Candle


Shop Barr Co. Honey Suckle Candle

Bring spring in with the Honeysuckle apothecary jar candle. Crafting a heavenly floral fragrance, the sweet scent of honeysuckle nectar merges with fresh herbal notes; something to uplift the women we celebrate this Mother's Day.


4. Hobnail Candle - Green Tea Cucumber

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This natural soy and vegetable wax candle has soft scent-blend of jasmine, orange blossom and green tea leaves underlined with the fresh clean note of cucumber. Illuminate your living space with a rejuvenating scent, casting a gentle glow that creates a tranquil atmosphere for all women.


5.  Upper Crust: Homemade Bread the French Way Book

Shop Homemade Bread the French Way Book

This book is an ideal gift for your mother eager to delve into the enchanting world of French bread baking. Featuring over 100 recipes, it offers comprehensive guidance on ingredient selection, starter cultivation, and artisanal bread-making techniques, making it a delightful companion for those passionate about crafting delectable bread creations.


6. Sharing Food with Friends Book

Shop Sharing Food with Friends Book

Make cooking and eating a social activity with this cook book. These are recipes you can whip up at the end of a working day or during a busy weekend. Kathy Kordalis offers inspired ideas for creating dishes to share at home, whether you are serving brunch, lunch, dinner, or a family feast.


7. Seeded Glass Vase Hurricane

Shop Seeded Glass Vase Hurricane 

This textured, light green hurricane vase is a perfect addition to any mother's collection, perfect for showcasing her favorite flower bouquet or arrangement. It also serves as a charming decor piece, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance of any table, shelf, or countertop with its elegant presence


8. Stoneware Pedestal

Shop Stoneware Pedestal

This stoneware pedestal epitomizes grace and flexibility, making it an ideal option for enhancing any dining or decor setup. Its green shade complements any season, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen or living space your mother will adore.


9. La Chatelaine Hand Cream

Shop La Chantelaine Hand Cream

Revive your hands with a contemporary touch of luxury. La Chatelaine produces some of the best cosmetic products available, originating all the way from south France. This brand was featured on Orpah's Favorite Things last year.


As we celebrate womanhood and motherhood this month, Parkway Avenue acknowledges how a woman's touch can transform a house into a home. As we seek the perfect gifts to celebrate the mothers in our lives, let's remember the power of thoughtful gestures that enhance their creative sanctuaries. Whether it's a timeless piece of decor, a luxurious scent, or a practical yet stylish addition, the best gifts are those that inspire and celebrate all women. 

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